Altering production process to save nature

24 October 2020 # Hope

Dozens of families in the municipality of Cantarranas, Honduras, are producing traditional panela in an artisanal mill without cutting down a single tree.

The artisans pour into a container the juice to be cooked and get the panela.

Its artisanal production is part of the local heritage, transmitted through generations. It is now in the hands of a group of families who make up an agroforestry cooperative called Chabosuji. They have been making the sweetener without cutting down a single tree, minimizing the release of carbon dioxide and fine particles into the air.

Chabosuji operates with the support of the Climate Change Adaptation Programme in the Forest Sector (CLIFOR), with funding from the European Union and the German government. The program is run by the Institute of Forest Conservation (ICF) and the German Cooperation (GIZ), and supported by the Mayor of Cantarranas.