Canada’s Conservation Goal and efforts

24 October 2020 # Hope

More than 14,200 square kilometers of boreal forest lands and waters will be protected for the Dehcho people and all Canadians as a result of Dehcho First Nations efforts. This is long coming because Canada is planning to conserve its nature and it's beauty.

This marks the first Indigenous protected area established since Canada laid out its pathway process to protect at least 17% of lands and freshwater by 2020. Many other Indigenous Nations are working to create their own Indigenous protected areas, ensuring more caribou, moose, medicinal plants, water and other values thrive into the future.

Protecting places like Edéhzhíe offers our best chance of sustaining caribou and other animals for generations to come. Indigenous Peoples are driving many of these gains. Crown governments working to recognize the leadership of Indigenous Peoples and respond to Indigenous-led designations with their own legal tools can help Canada become a leader in international conservation.