Conservation Success and Armenian communities

24 October 2020 # Hope

The achievements of two rural communities in the Caucasus mountains in Armenia have been recognised by World Land Trust and International Animal Rescue at a presentation in the House of Lords.

The two communities have recently donated 5,822 acres (2356 hectares) of land to FPWC to protect the mountainous habitat of Armenian wildlife such as the Caucasian Leopard, Eurasian Lynx, Brown Bear, Grey Wolf, Armenian Mouflon and Bezoar Ibex. The Brown Bear rescue programme aims to release all rehabilitated bears into the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR).

WLT and FPWC have been working together since 2010, protecting the rugged landscape of the Caucasus Mountains in Armenia through land purchase and long-term leases of community-owned land, primarily supported by the Action Fund. WLT also supports the salary of two rangers working to protect wildlife in the CWR through the Keepers of the Wild programme.