Earth Day: A ray of hope

24 October 2020 # Hope

Earth Day is celebrated across the globe to raise awareness about our surrounding environment. Human caused pollution and several other factors are making us lose what is left of animals and plants.

TNC’s California program came up with a creative solution to help the shorebirds and benefit farmers. By temporarily flooding rice fields, they can provide “pop-up” habitat when the birds need it most. Now, science shows that this ingenious method is working, yielding the largest average shore bird densities ever reported for agriculture in the region.

Sound Data Helps Save the Indonesian Rainforest, trained sniffing dogs are helping to find ornate box turtles.
Sea cucumbers are an incredibly important source of income for rural people in Papua New Guinea. But catastrophic overfishing forced the country to close their fishery for nearly a decade, causing great hardship amongst rural communities.
Now, as the harvest resumes, TNC is working with a tribal network in Manus Island to help them sustainably manage the fishery.