How climate change can be beaten

24 October 2020 # Hope

While most climate scientists have focussed on the negative effects of climate change, especially if current trends continue, professor Kai Chan at UBC has instead studied what success looks like. With his research and the work of others like him, society will have a road map of how to get past the current crisis. 2050 in a post carbon world will be a time where the climate is stable and employment is created from traditional sectors like energy, manufacturing and agriculture, just cleaner versions.

It will be a healthier world, with more walking, more green spaces, more plants and animals, less sickness, far less air pollution, and probably less meat but better nutrition.

The best part is that making these changes won’t mean years of being poor, cold and hungry. These scientists don’t insist we need to build off-the-grid cabins in the woods or disrupt energy, food and jobs. Instead, these scientists say that if we start right now, we stand a decent chance of transforming society without noticeable change.

Let's not kid ourselves though; the time to act is now. Let's get to work.