Indonesian garbage emergency plan

24 October 2020 # Hope

Bali Governor Wayan Koster announced that the Indonesian province of Bali is officially banning single-use plastics. The ban is a welcome step in Bali’s battle against plastic pollution.

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest plastic polluters, ranked second after China. The country produces 3.2 million tons of plastic annually. Out of the 3.2 million tons of plastic produced, 1.29 million tons of winds up in the ocean.

Governor Koster expressed hope that the new policy would lead to a 70% decrease in Bali’s marine plastics by 2019. The policy is designed to tackle single-use plastics at their source. It is aimed at producers, distributors, suppliers, and businesses. Those who do not comply with the ban will face sanctions. Governor Koster told Tribunnews, “If they disobey, we will take action, like not extending their business permit,”