Allan’s lerista



Lerista allanae


Why are they endangered?

Land clearing for agriculture, livestock farming, and man-made infrastructure
Predation by larger animals

Allan’s Lerista or Allan’s Skink is an endemic lizard species to Queensland, Australia. Its name is a tribute to Mrs. P.C. Allan, a Queensland Museum presenter.

Also known as Retro Slider or Greater Robust Fine-Lined Slider this burrowing skink can grow up to 9cm in length with single-digit hind limbs and no fore limbs. The scales on its edge have grey or brown hues that form five dark distinct longitudinal while the scales on its sides have the same colour but in a lighter hue.

As more and more forest areas are converted for agriculture, livestock farming, and man-made infrastructure, it seriously displaces the Allan’s Lerista species from its natural environment. Widespread growth of weeds such as Buffel Grass for livestock grazing also compounds the problem of population growth. Fire incidents have become a frequent occurrence, especially in very dry areas and this lizard creature is always at risk of being killed or eaten by predatory animals.