Barred galaxias



Galaxias fuscus


Invasive fish species
Climate change

The Barred Galaxias is an endemic freshwater fish species to Central Victoria – preferring to stay in cool, shallow, slow-flowing streams. Its main diet consists of aquatic and terrestrial insects.

Predation and competition with invasive trout species can seriously affect population growth and health of the Barred Galaxias. According to studies, removal of the Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout from the streams can ensure the re-colonisation efforts and even give recently isolated specie population to re-join its original group.

Man-made activities contribute to water pollution, increasing the occurrence of siltation and sedimentation where the Barred Galaxias inhabits. It reduces food availability and disrupts the resting and breeding grounds as well.

Droughts and fires are also other issues affecting the survival of the Barred Galaxias, which is a direct result of forest logging and dewatering of streams.