Black-and-chestnut Eagle

South America


Spizaetus isidori


Agricultural conversion of lands as well as the specie’s preference for solitude and peace within its surrounding environment has forced it farther within the mountainous forest region or has caused slow reproduction rate. It is also prone to being killed when hunting for food (chickens) near human settlements.

The Black-And-Chestnut Eagle, also known as Isidor’s Eagle, is a yellow-eyed, black-hued raptor that only lives in the humid montane forests of Bolivia and Venezuela. This South American bird of prey used to be categorised under the Oroaetus genus but is now considered part of the Spizaetus genus.

Adult individuals can measure up to 75 cm in length with a 170-cm-long wingspan although females are slightly larger and have longer tails. Its glossy black plumage is contrasted by chestnut-toned underside, wing primaries, and legs.