Black-hooded Antwren

North America


Formicivora erythronotos


Human invasion and colonisation of its native habitat range seriously affects its normal breeding cycle as it requires solitude and peace to do so. Extinction of an already small and fragmented population is imminent.

The Black-Hooded Antwren, an antbird species from the Thamnophilidae family is endemic to Brazil. Restricted mainly in the southern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro, scientists have had difficulty for the last century to know more about its life cycle and behaviour due to misclassification under the Myrmotherula genus when it should have been categorised as part of the Formicivora genus.

Measuring just over 11 cm long during adulthood, males are black while females are brown. It prefers to stay in abandoned banana plantations as well as old-growth forest areas. It eats insects, spiders, and small frogs.