Blue-billed Curassow

South America


Crax alberti


Continued deforestation efforts for infrastructure development are one major reason for rapid population decline. This leads to scarcity of food options as well as vulnerability to predators and hunters within the surrounding areas.

Like other bird species from the Cracidae family, the Blue-Billed Curassow, loves to emit a booming or growling vocalisation. Also known as Blue-Knobbed Curassow, it is a large bird that can grow up to 36 inches in height and up to 8 pounds in weight although males are larger than females.

Its unique ‘song’ can be heard day and night for many reasons such as to attract a potential mate, to ward off rival males, or to strengthen its relationship with the opposite sex. This is accompanied by puffing out of its plumage as a way of showing off.