Blue-crowned Laughingthrush

East Asia


Garrulax courtoisi


  • Habitat destruction
  • Bird trade

The Blue-Crowned Laughingthrush can be found exclusively in Jiangxi, China. Its former classification is within the genus Garrulax. After a more detailed research, it was categorised under the genus Pterorhinus. Its other name Courtois’s Laughingbird is a tribute to the French missionary to China Frédéric Courtois.

It is a very sociable bird species that lives closely with a group of up to 40 individuals, foraging together on ground surfaces as well as in trees and bushes. Its main diet consists of insects, fruits, seeds, and small invertebrates.

Some populations have already been wiped out due to total habitat loss. Its forest feeding and breeding grounds have been converted for human agricultural and industrial use. They either die or forced to move to not-so-ideal dwellings where they are more exposed to predators and hunters. Those that survived have low reproductive rate while many others are poached due to the high prices each bird commands in the international markets.