Cauca Guan

South America


Penelope perspicax


It requires a large part of undisturbed area for breeding and foraging within the Colombian west and central Andes which are now almost destroyed due to varied human activities.

The Cauca Guan is a turkey-like bird species that exclusively inhabits Colombia. At 76 cm in length, it is larger than other birds from the Cracidae family. Its body is brown and grey which allows its striking red dewlap to stand out among all its physical features.

It is quite dependent on primary forest environments to be able to live normally. Its main diet consists of fruits but can also eat foliage, flowers, and insects. It prefers to live in small groups of up to 3 individuals. Like other guans, its honk is loud and raucous but it is a generally peaceful creature that does not exhibit aggressive behaviour or territoriality.