Christmas Island flying-fox



Pteropus natalis


  • Loss of feeding and roosting habitat
  • Predation by feral species

The Christmas Island Flying-Fox lives in the rainforest of the Australian external territory bearing the same name. This subspecies of the black-eared flying fox, which can be up to 500 grams in weight, is the last native mammal on Christmas Island.

This black-coloured flying fox species is known to roost in groups, breeds a single pup once a year after a five-month gestation, and feeds mainly on fruits, flowers, and seeds of more than 30 different plants.

Land clearing to make way for human settlements and other man-made activities is the major culprit for the continuous decline of the Christmas Island Flying-Fox. The continued tree cutting limits its food intake and habitat option while its preference for low-lying shrubs and flowering plants makes it vulnerable to feral cats and even to hunters.