Cochabamba Mountain-finch

South America


Poospiza garleppi


Its already fragmented habitat has been destroyed to make way for human settlements, agricultural lands, and other developmental activities.

The Cochabamba Mountain-Finch, an endemic warbling-finch to Bolivia, was formerly categorised with the Poospiza genus but is now considered as part of the Compsospiza genus.

This sedentary, sparrow-like passerine with stocky and thickset body has a long tail and a small bill. The mixture of red and grey hues all over its body makes it one of the most attractive birds of its kind.

Breeding happens at the onset of rain between January and April, hatching a single egg per nest with a possibility to mate again if the first attempt fails. Males emit two types of song: the first during nest building and the other is like a ‘territory song’ while in close proximity to the nest.