Conasauga logperch

North America


Percina jenkinsi


  • Freshwater siltation
  • Pesticide runoff and pollution from surrounding areas
  • Human-induced activities

The Conasauga Logperch, an endemic fish species to the United States, has a distinct tiger-striped body that separates it from the other 183 darters in North America.

This logperch species is very sensitive to any alteration to its habitat, making it very vulnerable to extinction due to many different reasons. Obviously, the continued man-made activities surrounding its freshwater environment have caused significant disruptions that make the area unsuitable for habitation.

Flood control, river siltation, pesticide runoff, and urban pollution all contribute to degradation of the rivers, streams, and other freshwater ecosystems nearby. Sewage spills, presence of heavy metals, and excess nutrients in the water can make population growth and recovery very difficult.