Diamond Darter

North America


Crystallaria cincotta


  • River alteration
  • River pollution
  • Man-made activities

The iridescent light that is being reflected at night-time is the main reason why the Diamond Darter got its name in the first place. Although this freshwater fish was only first described in 2008, it was already considered an endangered species by the second quarter of 2013.

The Diamond Darter which can only be found in the south-eastern part of the US has olive-coloured pattern but translucent body and can grow up to 7 centimetres in length only.

After years of transforming the rivers into dams and subjecting it to various developmental infrastructures, it forces the Diamond Darter fish species into near extinction. The river bottom is filled with silt or sediment while the water itself is polluted by improper sewage treatment as well as the garbage coming from man-made activities such as timber harvesting, coal mining, gas drilling, and the use of all-terrain vehicles. All of these issues make the water unsuitable for nesting and for protecting the Diamond Darter against predators.