Edgbaston goby



Chlamydogobius squamigenus


  • Habitat disturbance and degradation
  • Predation
  • Altered water environment

The Edgbaston Goby is a freshwater fish species named after the spring in Queensland where it can be exclusively found. It only grows up to 6 cm in length and is believed to be an omnivore.

The Edgbaston Goby is fast becoming extinct because its area of habitat is getting smaller, disrupting its normal breeding cycle and capacity to grow in population. Competition with aggressive fish species for food sources and breeding grounds forces the Edgbaston Goby to be displaced from its natural environment.

The continued water extraction also alters its ecosystem and even leading to drought and growth of alien grass species. This allows livestock animals to roam around the area, polluting the water habitat and trampling the Edgbaston Goby in the process.