Elizabeth Springs Goby



Chlamydogobius micropterus


  • Water extraction from Great Artesian Basin
  • Invasive fish species

The Elizabeth Springs Goby inhabits the shallow, marshy pools of Queensland’s Elizabeth Springs. It can grow up to 3 cm in length only and has a wide range of colours including grey, green, brown, cream, yellow, and blue.

Despite the fact that the Elizabeth Springs Goby is a protected freshwater species under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 in Queensland, its population survival is in danger simply because of aquifer drawdown (or water extraction) from the spring complexes of the Great Artesian Basin. It limits the breeding grounds of the Elizabeth Springs Goby and even affects their growth size.

Potential loss of habitat due to water extraction is not the only issue; the Elizabeth Springs Goby also has to compete with Gambusia (or Mosquitofish) for the limited food source within its natural ecosystem. When the springs have less or no water at all, cattle can freely roam around – polluting the area and subjecting the Elizabeth Springs Goby to being trampled upon.