Grey-backed Hawk

South America


Pseudastur occidentalis


Deforestation is the main threat to population survival. Most lands are invaded for timber production, agricultural purposes, and cattle overgrazing.

The Grey-Backed Hawk is a solitary and highly territorial bird of prey that ranges the semi-deciduous and evergreen forests of Ecuador and Peru. It has dark grey back and wings, white underparts, and white-streaked grey head and nape. Its black-tipped tail, which can only be noticed in flight, is also white.

A hunting specialist around forest edges, it feeds mainly on snakes and other reptiles as well as small birds, frogs, crustaceans, earthworms, and insects. It uses branches and greenery to build its nest for year-round breeding. Incubation period lasts for 36 days and fledging stage for chicks happen around 70-75 days after hatching.