Hungerford’s crawling water beetle

North America


Brychius hungerfordi


  • Alteration to its native habitat range
  • Mortality through predation

The Hungerford’s Crawling Water Beetle only measures ¼ inch long and can only be found in Ontario, Canada and Michigan, USA. A small, yellow-brown insect that belongs to the Haliplidae family of water beetles, it is believed to have a preference for cool, swift-flowing streams near beaver dams as its main habitat range.

Survival of the Hungerford’s Crawling Water Beetle population is in question due to various modifications within its habitat surroundings. These include dredging and channelization as well as impoundment and bank stabilisation.  Continued destruction of beaver dams is also detrimental for population recovery as these are critical components for the life cycle of the beetle. The presence of brown trout also decreases the survival of eggs, larvae, and adult beetles as they have no defence against its attacks.