Ili Pika

East Asia


Ochotona iliensis


  • Sensitive to climate change and global warming
  • Competition for food with domestic livestock animals

The Ili Pika is a rabbit-like mammal that can only be found in China’s Xinjiang Province. This mountain-dwelling teddy-bear faced critter was first discovered by accident in 1983 but has not been sighted until 2014, making scientists call its documentation the world’s longest game of hide and seek.

With only less than 1000 in population, the ‘Chinese magic bunny’ is considered as a critically endangered species – rarer than the Panda Bears.

It has been suggested that the combination of atmospheric pollution and warming climate on the Ili Pika’s natural habitat has directly resulted to its dwindling numbers. Livestock farming and ranching within the area has put these creatures at high risk of falling prey to other animals and being killed by humans.