Jarocho Goby

Central America


Elacatinus jarocho


Elacatinus jarocho is likely impacted by loss of coral reef habitat. This species may be easily targeted for predation by the invasive lionfish given its small, shallow body and demersal habits.

It has body with a conspicuous broad black stripe on the snout and midbody. Back and belly is a pale to bright electric blue. A short yellow stripe runs from the upper orbit onto the back of the head. Another elongate yellow spot is on the tail. A large black blotch is under the yellow spot, and is sometimes separated from the black lateral stripe. The snout spot is elliptical and bright yellow. Fins are translucent with fine melanophores.

It has Maximum size to 27.2mm SL. This species lives in coral reefs from 3-25mm SL. Forms aggregations that feed in the water column. Not a cleaner fish. Known only from reefs off Veracruz, Mexico.