Javan Slow Loris



Nycticebus javanicus


  • Loss of habitat due to deforestation
  • Poaching for the pet trade
    • Hunting for use in traditional medicine

Javan Slow Lorises are arboreal, nocturnal animals that can only be found in the Indonesian forests. They belong to the strepsirrhine (wet-nosed) group of tree-dwelling primates like the Madagascar lemurs.

Considered as the world’s only existing venomous primate species, these Javan endemic primates use their venom-induced saliva to protect themselves against parasites and predators. But this does little to prevent the dwindling of its population.

With the continued clearing of its forest habitats to give way for human settlements, palm oil plantations, and mixed-crop agricultural lands, its natural range does not only become limited but it also increases their exposure to predators and poachers alike – being sold in pet trades and for uses in folk medicines.