Kuranda Tree Frog



Litoria myola


  • Clearing of rainforest vegetation
  • Disruptions in water quality and cycle
  • Chytrid fungus

The Kuranda Tree Frog, also known as Myola Tree Frog, is a medium-sized frog species that is endemic to Australia’s wet tropics.

This native Queensland amphibian can be found in creeks and tributaries in rainforests being subjected to controversial dam building and construction of man-made infrastructure.

Like many other amphibians all over the world affected by the Chytrid fungus, the Kuranda Tree Frog is no exception from the deadly disease it brings. Female individuals are believed to be more susceptible to this fungal infection especially during breeding cycles while staying within its freshwater habitats.

Likewise, the continued destruction of vegetation and natural forest covers within its immediate surroundings is seriously affecting the survival of the Kuranda Tree Frog. This makes them easy to be preyed upon by carnivorous animals and be trampled by grazing livestock animals.

Furthermore, the hydrological disturbances in water sites where the Kuranda Tree Frog can be found are affecting the water flow, quality, and sedimentation process. When this happens, it either alters the frog’s breeding cycle or limits the species’ capacity to reproduce in a healthy rate.