Lilacine Amazon

South America


Amazona lilacina


Since the 20the century, forest and mangrove devastation has caused the fast decrease in numbers of this species. Unsustainable human activities, most specifically shrimp farming, seriously affects breeding cycle and reproductive efforts.

The lilacine Amazon is endemic to the south-western parts of Ecuador. Because of its gentle and affectionate nature, it is a favourite target among captive breeders and illegal hunters.

Adults have a size and weight of 34 cm and about 350 grams, respectively. It is generally green in colour with a red forehead, yellow eye rings, and a black bill.

It is a monogamous bird species and often flies together with its partner in search of food which consists of nuts, fruits, and insects. During nesting season, its powerful beak and dexterous tongue play a major role for consuming extra food which is regurgitated for feeding the young.