Nangur Skink



Nangura spinosa


  • Vulnerable to predators such as foxes and cane toads as well as pigs, cats, and dogs
  • Habitat destruction due to hoop pine harvesting
  • Invasive plant species on its habitat range

Nangur Skinks are a lizard species endemic to the rainforests of Queensland, Australia. A fully grown individual weighs as much as 30 grams with a maximum length of 19 cm. It is characterised as having brown, cream, and black colours on different parts of the body while its back, flanks, and tail have distinct spiny scales.

Nangur Skinks are threatened by the presence of predators within its surrounding areas including foxes and cane toads as well as pigs, cats, and dogs. The proliferation of Lantana Camara flowering shrubs also makes the site vulnerable to wildfires. Hoop pine harvesting has already changed the forest structure, limiting the Nangur Skinks’ option to build risk-free burrows. As more construction activities are conducted, this leads to potential damage to the burrows and even exposes the Nangur Skinks to hunters.