Oval Pigtoe

North America


Pleurobema pyriforme


  • Habitat alteration
  • Systemic changes in water ecosystem

The Oval Pigtoe is an endemic North American freshwater mussel species that is characterised as having flat and oval shell with two large teeth in the left and right valve. Its outer and inner sections have varying colours from yellowish-brown to white or salmon hue. This aquatic bivalve mollusc is once very abundant in the states of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Because of man-made activities, the waterways that serve as the Oval Pigtoe’s main habitat have become severely polluted, with sediments building up in the rivers, streams, and creeks. This separates the mussel population from host fish species and its algae food sources. River dredging can also prove to be fatal for the Oval Pigtoe. And they also are relatively defenceless against Asian Clams when it comes to competing for resources in its habitat.