Powesheik Skipperling

North America


Oarisma powesheik


  • Habitat loss
  • Mortality caused by the presence of pesticides and herbicides
  • Climate change

The Powesheik Skipperling or Oarisma Poweshiek is a butterfly species that can only be found within mesic fens and meadows in Dakota and Michigan as well as in Manitoba, Canada. Its adult life only lasts for a two-week period between June and July.

This brown and orange North American butterfly species is very particular about its habitat range and never goes far from it. But most of it has been destroyed to make way for agricultural development. Because little of native tall-grass prairie areas remain undisturbed, the population of the Powesheik Skipperling is down to its last two hundred. Areas where it can still roam around are contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, which also do not encourage health and longevity among its remaining individuals. It is also affected by severe flooding and too many wet springs, which seriously affect their normal reproductive cycle and feeding habits.