Recurve-billed Bushbird

South America


Clytoctantes alixii


Population decline is attributed to conversion of native range for logging, farming, and cattle-raising.

A single reported sighting in 1965 was the basis for the existence of the Recurve-Billed Bushbird. No clear description or useful information is documented about this Thamnophilid antbird until 2007 when it was identified as a bamboo-specialising insectivore.

A resident of secondary vegetation ecosystem within the Andes Mountains in Colombia and Venezuela, the Recurve-Billed Bushbird has an unmistakable peculiarity due to its upward-curved, wedge-shaped, and horn-tinted bill. It is small but chunky, growing up to 16.5 cm in length. Males are distinguished from females with the former having slate grey colour while the latter has rufous brown colour.