Red-billed Curassow

South America


Crax blumenbachii


Almost all lowland forest range has been turned to pastureland, plantations, and other agricultural developments. This leads to chronic habitat loss, scarce food and nesting options as well as overhunting.

The Red-Billed Curassow from the Cracidae family has a very limited habitat range which can be exclusively found within the lowland regions of Brazil. The Atlantic Forest native which is also called Red-Knobbed Curassow has a distinct red bill that is common among all adult males.

Growing to almost 92 cm in length, its size is rather big for a bird with both adult males and females having pure black upper body parts. While males have white underparts, its female counterparts have red, brown, and ochre hues. Unlike the males, females have no red wattles and knobs.