Red-crowned Amazon

Central America


Amazona viridigenalis


  • Habitat destruction
  • Hunting and trapping

The Red-Crowned Amazon used to populate the south-western part of the USA as well as the north-eastern section of Mexico. This highly social parrot, with its green plumage and crimson crown, is also known as Green-Cheeked Amazon.

Its screeching sound is usually the most prominent in the morning and evening. It fans its tail feathers when angry while it may make a purring sound and bends its head down to be scratched when being affectionate. They gather in large flocks when foraging for food, with its diet consisting mainly of seeds and fruits as well as nectar and flowers.

It is considered legal to import the Red-Crowned Amazon birds in the USA during the 70s and 80s. This has led to fast population decline to the point of extinction. But even after the passing of laws for export ban, thousands of this parrot species are being sold for illegal pet trade. Hunters willfully destroy nests to capture the young and even to the point of cutting down trees to obtain the birds. Clearing of gallery forests and lowland areas also limits nesting sites which makes it difficult to reproduce normally.