Red-fronted Macaw

South America


Ara rubrogenys


For many centuries, its Bolivian semi-desert mountain habitat has been destroyed by unsustainable and unregulated man-made activities which reduced the area into thorn and cactus scrub used for charcoal production and livestock grazing.

The Red-Fronted Macaw is a parrot species that is native to the semi-desert mountain regions of Bolivia. Frédéric de Lafresnaye, a French ornithologist, was among the first to provide descriptions which is why it is also known as Lafresnaye's Macaw. It is a favourite among captive breeders and pet enthusiasts, breeding well in captivity which maybe a major factor why it already has a small population in the wild.

Though most of its body parts are green, its primary wings are blue with reddish streak at the wing bend and on the edges under the wing coverts. Even its forehead has a crimson hue with distinct red-patched ears although the skin around the eyes and beak is pink.