Rio Cosnipata Robber Frog

South America


Pristimantis cosnipatae


This specific amphibian community has been almost wiped out during Chytrid outbreaks especially those living within freshwater vicinities. The deadly Chytridiomycosis is also the suspected culprit for the loss of this species subpopulation in Manu National Park.

The Rio Cosnipata Robber Frog from the Craugastoridae family is an endemic amphibian species within the high-altitude mountain regions of Peru. The term ‘cosnipatae’ means ‘valley’.

Considered as the world’s smallest frog, the size of adults is between 0.86in and 1.16in with a wide-shaped head and long but narrow snout. It has short but robust forearms and hind limbs bearing colours of green, gray, and brown.