Roundnose Grenadier

North America


Coryphaenoides rupestris


Commercial fishing

Belonging to the Macrouridae family, the Roundnose Grenadier fish species is deep water marine creature ranging the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is characterised as having a length of more than 100 cm and a weight of almost 2 kg. Though it has a short and slightly compressed body shape, its tail is long, tapered, and pointed. Its most distinct features include a small barbell under its chin and tube-like scale on the tip of its snout.

In 1974 alone, 84,000 tons of Roundnose Grenadier fish has been caught by deep-water factory trawlers. Stocks became so low by 2010 that experts believe that it would be gone within a decade if no further actions will be taken. Today, all commercial fishery companies have to abide by the 1000-ton/year limit imposed by ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) to allow this late-maturing, slow-reproducing fish species to recover in number and replace the amount being taken from the sea.