Salt Creek Tiger Beetle

North America


Cicindela nevadica lincolniana


Habitat loss, degradation, and pollution

The Salt Creek Tiger Beetle, considered as one of the rarest insects in North America, can only be found in Nebraska. It is confined to the mud banks of the saline wetland regions of Lancaster County.

The remaining populations of Salt Creek Tiger Beetles are seriously affected by continued damage imposed on its natural habitat. Land clearing efforts to make way for human settlement, infrastructure development, and agricultural-related activities make the area unsuitable to provide safe shelter and enough food resource for this tiger beetle species.

This leads to sloughing (river bank failure) and excessive siltation of the water, both of which affects the salinity of the surrounding rivers, streams, and creeks. Encroachment of alien vegetation also disrupts the natural ecosystem where the tiger beetle lives. Pollution from pesticide runoff and grazing livestock animals also exacerbate the issue.