San Martin Pigmy Salamander

Central America


Thorius narismagnus


  • Serious habitat loss is taking place in the range of this species due to subsistence agriculture, logging, and human settlement.

Thorius narismagnus is a species of salamander in the family Plethodontidae. It is endemic to the San Martin Tuxtla volcano, in the Sierra de los Tuxtlas range in southern Veracruz state, Mexico. Its common name is San Martin pigmy salamander. Natural habitats of Thorius narismagnus are lowland and intermediate tropical forests. It occurs under rotten logs and among leaf-litter, and especially under fallen bromeliads.

This species has not been seen since 1980s, despite attempts to find it; it might be extinct. It has suffered from habitat loss, but this might not suffice to explain the disappearance of this species.