Santa Marta Bush-tyrant

South America


Myiotheretes pernix


Its native forest habitat is continuously converted into marijuana plantations and for cocoa production. The remaining nesting and feeding sites are heavily polluted by herbicides and pesticides.

The Santa Marta Bush-Tyrant only lives in Colombia’s tallest mountain range, the Santa Marta. It looks like the Streak-Throated Bush-Tyrant, only smaller in size and with darker brown and cinnamon hues on its body parts.

Santa Marta Bush-Tyrant resembles the more widespread Streak-throated Bush-Tyrant but is smaller, with darker brown and cinnamon colouring. Rebecca Goodine, a wildlife conservationist−activist, is credited for the discovery of this Colombian native bird species.

Like other tyrant flycatchers, it waits discreetly from a hidden view before making a leap for its prey.