Silver Perch



Bidyanus bidyanus


Habitat destruction
Man-made infrastructure such as dams and weirs
Altered water conditions

The Silver Perch is an Australian endemic freshwater fish from the Terapontidae family (grunters or tigerperches); hence, its colloquial names include black bream and grunter.

Most of the facial features of this fish species are small in size (head, eyes, and mouth) though it has beak-shaped snout and a laterally compressed, elongated body. This silver-coloured omnivorous grunter feeds on algae, worms, molluscs, and insect larvae.

Dams, weirs, and other types of water infrastructure are believed to be affecting the numbers of the Silver Perch. Because normal water level, flow, and quality is altered, the Silver Perch cannot proceed with its normal breeding cycle and even encounters difficulty getting its food source. Worst of all, drifting silver perch larvae are almost always killed when they pass through weirs.