Spotted Turtle

North America


Clemmys guttata


  • Habitat destruction and alteration
  • Illegal pet trade

The Spotted Turtle, an endangered North American omnivorous reptile species, belongs to one of the fourteen families from the order Testudine. Its native foraging grounds include wet forests of southern Canada and eastern US. The most defining feature of the lone species from the Clemmys genus is its yellow-spotted black carapace.

The Spotted Turtle has specialised habitat requirements throughout the year without of which can seriously impede the way it forages, breeds, and protects itself. As more and more wetlands are subjected to man-made disturbances, pollution, and alteration, this has greatly reduced the population to up to 50 per cent. Its highly mobile nature makes it vulnerable to being caught and sold off as pets while those that remain within its natural habitat are prone to vehicle collision. Displacement of native vegetation and introduction of alien plant species can also be accounted for slow reproductive rate as well as exposure to predators.