Streaked Reed-warbler



Acrocephalus sorghophilus


  • Conversion of lands for commercial and industrial use
  • Agriculture, aquaculture, and pollution

The Streaked Reed Warbler from the Acroceohalidae family was first described by Robert Swinhoe in 1863. Also known as the Speckled Red Warbler, it belongs to Old World warblers which are bird species with generally undistinguished appearance

This particular type of warbler, however, is a migratory bird species found reed beds, swamps, and arable lands in China and in the Philippines. It is known for its nice singing voice which consists of rasping charry notes.

The Streaked Reed Warbler has been continually dwindling in population due to habitat destruction on the wintering grounds. Its natural habitats are being cleared to make way for fishponds and rice fields as well as commercial and industrial developments. Extensive burning of local vegetation for livestock feeding limits wetlands and marshlands which are known breeding grounds for this warbler species.