Swan galaxias



Galaxias fontanus


  • Invasive fish species
  • Climate change
  • Habitat disturbance and modification

The Swan Galaxias can only be found in Tasmania’s Swan River and Macquarie River catchments. Its entire life is spent in freshwater areas – trout-free streams, rocky pools, and spring-fed creeks – making it the only Tasmanian galaxiid fish species that does not have a marine larval stage.

The Swan Galaxias continue to decline in population due to many threats including the introduction of aggressive fish species particularly the Brown Trout and Redfin Perch; climate change which increases the frequency of flooding and droughts; as well as altering water levels to make way for man-made water infrastructure. The last two factors lead to the dewatering of incubating eggs or completely disrupting the breeding cycle of the Swan Galaxias.