Toyama’s Ground Gecko

East Asia


Goniurosaurus toyami


  • Habitat loss
  • Pet trade

Toyama’s Ground Gecko is endemic to the Ryukyu Islands in Japan. Its native habitat is within broad-leaved evergreen trees on hills or mountains. It feeds on earthworms, insect larvae, and other small invertebrates found on the ground surface. During breeding season, females will lay no more than two eggs at a time.

At hatching, young geckos are black with red-striped body and white-striped tail. During adulthood, body stripes and tail stripes turn to pale orange and white, respectively. Males and females have the same bright red eyes.

Dwindling population size is due to conversion of its natural forest habitat for man-made activities such as mining, construction of concrete roads and dams, as well as crop planting. There are also suspicions of illegal trade of Toyama's Ground Gecko as either pets or medicinal purposes.