Vicente’s Poison Frog

Central America


Oophaga vicentei


The main threats are Bd-related declines, habitat conversion and degradation due to logging and deforestation, large open-cast mining operations, cattle ranching and agricultural conversion, and housing development.

Vicente's poison frog (Oophaga vicentei) is a species of frog in the family Dendrobatidae that is endemic to the Veraguas and Coclé Provinces of central Panama. It is a little known arboreal frog that inhabits humid tropical lowland and montane forest.

Vicente's poison frog breeds in arboreal vegetation, and the parents transport the tadpoles to vegetation-bound water pools in bromeliads to develop. As the generic name Oophaga indicates, this and related species also practice a particular form of oophagy, where the mother deposits special nutritive eggs for the larvae to consume.