Whooping Crane

North America


Grus americana


  • Habitat destruction
  • Human disturbance

The Whooping Crane is a migratory bird species that uses Canada for its breeding site and travels all the way to Texas during the winter season. The tallest bird in North America can grow up to five feet in height but only weights not more than 7 kilograms, with a wingspan of almost 2.5 meters. It is characterized as having a distinct crimson cap set on its featherless head, yellow eyes, snowy white plumage, and thin, black legs.

Scientists believe that almost fifteen hundred Whooping Crane individuals existed in the mid-19th century. Over hunting and continued degradation of its native habitat are two major contributing factors for its population decline. And because this bird species only prefers to use one location for its breeding and wintering site, there is great risk of continued loss in number as they can be instantly decimated by bad weather conditions, diseases, and other human-caused disturbances.