Zong’s Odd-scaled Snake


Achalinus jinggangensis


  • Urbanisation due to tourism
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Habitat pollution

The Zong's Odd-Scaled Snake belongs to the Xenodermidae family (Greek translation: xeno-strange, derma-skin). There is little information about this mysterious odd-scaled snake species. Scientists believe that there is just one existing population that remains, having recorded only four individual sightings from 1983 up to 2009.

This species has a very limited distribution which means it relies on specific habitat requirements to survive and thrive. Therefore, any sign of disturbance can affect their reproductive rate and even quality of life. Unfortunately, its population lives in a nature reserve surrounded by cropland. But it has already been subjected to lots of man-made alteration for tourism purposes as well as being an area for mining and quarrying. This means that although its natural habitat is well-managed, it is inevitable that pollution and other degradation factors from its surrounding areas will cause serious decline on its natural environment.