Revolutionary step to protect endangered species

24 October 2020 # Hope

The Endangered Species Act is the strongest law for protecting biodiversity passed by any nation. Its purpose is to prevent the extinction of our most at-risk plants and animals, increase their numbers and effect their full recovery — and eventually their removal from the endangered list. Currently the Act protects more than 1,600 plant and animal species in the United States and its territories, many of which are successfully recovering.

From 1973 to 2013, the Act prevented extinction for 99 percent of the species under its protection. The Act has shown a 90 percent recovery rate in more than 100 species throughout the United States. The Act has allowed the designation of millions of acres of critical habitat, which is crucial to species' survival and recovery. The Act has poll-proven strong public support.

Benefits of this act has slowly showing now as many species were recovered from this act.