There is another face of Zoo’s

24 October 2020 # Hope

Zoo’s often misconstrued as cruel organizations who put animals in cages and use them for money making. If we can think of ourselves in there situation, then I am sure some of us will definitely kill our self. But, there is always another face of picture and in this case we should see that zoos are playing very crucial role in conserving animals.

Most of animals bring to zoos are children rejected by their own and animals got injured in different incidents. These zoos gives them a new life and keep them in a suitable environment.

Frozen Zoo, an innovative project housed inside the San Diego Zoo. The researchers there are working to preserve living cell samples from animals in hopes that one day they’ll have the technology to turn those cells into full animals, which could allow scientists to restore endangered species. The cells from more than 9,000 species that have been frozen could also one day help enhance genetic diversity among rare animals, which strengthens their chance of survival.

Yes, zoos are always working to improve what they do — and some make some major mistakes. But before you make up your mind about how terrible life is for captive wild animals, dig a little deeper.